Below are applications and forms used to obtain IACUC approval. A description of each form is noted below to assist you in determining which form will best fit your need. Certain forms are prepackaged as "Application Packs" below which provide all necessary forms needed to complete the application process. All individual forms included in the Application Pack are noted in the Individual Form column. If you do not need to download an entire Application Pack and would only like to download an individual form you may choose any form from the Individual Forms column.

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Alphabetical listing of forms

This application is required when making changes to an already approved protocol. Changes include, but are not limited to: increase in numbers of animals, change in anesthetic, adding a new procedure, change in personnel. For additional requirements, see the IACUC Policy for Significant Changes to approved research.

Rather than using the Application to Use animals in Research, Teaching or Testing, this application may be used if a project involves euthanasia of an animal prior to removal of tissue, or other manipulations. This form may not be used if tissue collection will be done while the animal is under anesthesia, or if the euthanasia procedure is part of a larger animal study.

This application is required for any newly proposed research or teaching on live vertebrate animals, or for a three-year update submission.

This application is required for any live animal interaction in field research.

(This form is required when completing a three-year update and must be attached to the application)

Approval for animal protocols may continue for a period of up to 3 years.  Federal requirements mandate that protocols be reviewed no less than annually.

This form must be completed for all personnel listed on a protocol, or those to be added to a protocol. Protocols or modifications will not be approved without submission of this form.

If a research/teaching protocol involves the use of hazardous agents, or hazardous agents will be added to an already approved protocol this form must be submitted along with the application. Protocols or modifications will not be approved without submission of this form.

Please complete this form for circumstances that require special instructions for maintaining animal(s) health or to meet experimental needs. (Please note, this form is currently compatabile with Internet Explorer 6).